Reach out and touch someone.

1979 Bell System

I got to thinking about this ad campaign when I recently signed up on Facebook.  When I was accepted on the 2014 Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge, it was suggested that a Facebook page would be beneficial in getting the word out.  Reaching out, so to speak.  I suppose it’s not all that different than dropping a dime like the advertisement suggests.  The technology has changed but the end result is the same, I think.  So far, I’m enjoying reaching out to old friends and colleagues.

Oh, and about the ad, did the grandfather really have to be a creepy clown?  At least I think Bozo is the grandfather.  Because if he isn’t, I’m wondering why Barnum and Bailey couldn’t give the poor slob a night off from cramming into a tiny car with 38 other creepy clowns to witness the birth of his daughter. I also think the woman’s caption should have been something a little more racy to spice the ad up.  Okay, enough ranting.

Regarding Facebook, this is my second experience with the popular social networking site.  I deleted my original account because it just became too overwhelming. I got totally sucked into it and had to cut the cord fast. I was spending way too much time basically hitting the refresh button.  And cursing because I wasn’t getting enough “Likes.”  Honestly, I needed to quit cold turkey.  I have a similar issue when it comes to watching a television series (say, like Breaking Bad) where I tend to “chain smoke” them.  Kind of like this:

I think I watched 3 seasons of Dexter over one weekend.  Anyway, I’m glad to be back on Facebook and am trying to manage my time effectively.  I still have my job.  So far, so good.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my left leg was injured during the weekly DFMC speed workout at the Tufts University indoor track.  I had an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon yesterday afternoon and received some favorable news.  After some poking and prodding he said, and I quote, “It’s probably a whole lot of nothing.”  That was music to my ears, I must admit.  He saw the X-ray that was taken last Thursday and said everything looked fine there.  From that film, he didn’t think it was a stress fracture at all.  In addition, he mentioned where the pain is so global on the quadriceps and hip, that would also lead him to believe it was not a stress fracture.  Muscle-related, maybe a pinched nerve.

This being said, I’m getting an MRI tomorrow just to be safe.  I have to say that I do feel slightly better today.  I think I’ll be back up and running in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime I’ll have to get in some cross-training.



The $64,000 being:  Will I be able to run the 2014 Boston Marathon?  Of course, silly!  Oh, and if you’d like to donate, select the rather large DONATE! link at the top of the page to navigate to my DFMC 2014 Fundraising Page.


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