Ain’t no stoppin’ us now, we’re on the move.

As the Boston Marathon approaches, I’m going to post a bit more regularly.  I’m really getting jazzed up about April 21 and want to share that excitement with you.  Without further ado, here’s a brief update.

It has been an absolutely fantastic week of training!  I have 3 scheduled runs every week and I attend them all.  Tuesday is the speed workout, Thursday is the medium length run an Saturday is the long run.  This week there are only 2 as Saturday is an off day due to the long long run last weekend.  We’re on our own this weekend.  Lots of runners are planning their own 14 – 16 mile runs.  Many heading out to Hopkinton and making their way to Newton.  I haven’t any plans as of this writing as I’m heading to Vermont for the weekend.  I might just get up early tomorrow and run locally, though a run through the back roads of the Green Mountain state would be delightful.

As I have conveyed in previous postings, it’s been a difficult training season.  I got the stress fracture in my hip back on early February and was sidelined for 5 weeks. Then I injured my knee and it’s a great big mystery on just how I did that.  Possibly the lack of stretching after a long run, I suppose.  Oh, and I broke my left middle toe around the same time as the knee injury!  Doh!  In the grand scheme of things, putting things into perspective, well, I’m healthy and feel really good at the moment!  Really, really good. Like, “ain’t no stopping me now” good!

I’m going to cross the finish line on April 21st which I’m wicked psyched about because 8 weeks ago that didn’t seem like the case.  I won’t be running a 3:30 marathon and that’s quite alright with me.  This run is for and about Ezra, not me.

A brief recap of the week:

At the speed workout, ((4×200) x 10) @ 5K pace + (10 x 200) recovery.  Whew!  A view from inside the Gantcher Center:


A little post-run carbo loading reward (cheesy mashed from Blue Ribbon BBQ):


The weather on Thursday was really pleasant.  Around 50 degrees when we headed out.  I ran with Nicole and Morgan.  We ran out to the reservoir at Cleveland Circle an then back to Arc.  7.25 miles for me and Nicole.  Morgan threw an extra lap around the reservoir so she made her way back alone.  From the run:


Running around the reservoir:


The stats (the Garmin GPS didn’t kick in until about a quarter of a mile):


Here’s the route (go here for the Garmin):

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.11.00 PM

Oh, and on every run, I carry a little bit of Ezra with me:


Pill flask #17 was a special gift.  I got it from Ezra himself at the Bike Cult Show in Brooklyn over Labor Day.  He gave me #17, which is my birthday.  He’s quite the generous soul.  I carry it my front pocket each and every day, too.  It’s perfect for several days of asthma medication.

As I mentioned before, I’m planning on making the trek down to Harlem to see Ezra prior to the marathon.  When we corresponded earlier this week he expressed that he thinks a visit should be able to work out.  I’d love to see him beforehand to get some inspiration and motivation.  A run around Central Park would be pretty cool too.  He posted a selfie up on Instagram recently:

On the fundraising front I am currently just a hair below my minimum at $3900.  I’ve started sending donors an update and will continue to do that over the next few weeks.  I really want to get as close to $10,000 as possible and really need your support to reach that goal.  Please consider making a donation to a truly important cause.  I’m really overwhelmed by the generosity of both my dear friends and those who have come by way of Ezra.  He’s very generous when it comes to his time.  He wants to strategize about how to raise more money.  As you may know, he often posts links to my blog up on Facebook and that really increases the visits.  And the donations.

I also submitted my In-Honor card for the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge.  Virtually every runner on the Marathon Challenge team is participating in honor of someone whose life has been affected by cancer.  Through the highs and lows of marathon training and fundraising, our efforts are fueled by the courage of our loved ones and special friends.  An In-Honor card allows a Marathon Challenge runner to dedicate his or her run to any cancer patient or survivor treated at Dana-Farber or elsewhere and/or a cancer patient who lost their battle with cancer.  The In-Honor cards will decorate the lobby area outside of the DFMC Pasta Party ballroom on Sunday, April 20 and Marathon Monday, April 21.  Here’s mine:


WBUR, my local NPR station, is still running the Why I Run (#whyirun) page up on their website. I took a photo of my DFMC In-Honor card and posted it up on Instagram with the #whyirun hashtag. WBUR yet again selected my submission for the Featured section. I think that’s pretty cool.

Finally, c’mon folks, boogie down with me:

If you’d like to donate, select the wicked laaaahge DONATE! link at the top of the page to navigate to my DFMC 2014 Fundraising Page.


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