The Ezra Effect

First let me say how much I appreciate people actually visiting my marathon blog.  It’s a hoot I must admit.  A vast majority of you have come by way of Ezra.  Like I’m guessing most visiting this blog have come here by way of Teaching Cancer To Cry or Facebook.  And not that I don’t have friends.  What I don’t have is a following.  I mean, I’ve had a couple of bikes that have gone viral on the internet, like my Firefly monster-cross, but nothing that would constitute a following.  Like Ezra has.  To give you an example, before Ezra posted a link on his Facebook page, I was getting roughly a few visits per day.  Friends and family and maybe some Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge teammates.  After the first posting on Ezra’s Facebook page back on February19, the count immediately spiked to about 500 visits.  Since then, it’s been a steady 20 – 50 visits per day:


And you can see the spike when Ezra points folks to my blog:


And it’s amazing that the people reading my entries are from all over the world.  From 6 continents:


And 47 countries:


Wow!  I wouldn’t be where I am today without Ezra.  Seriously.

As I’ve mentioned before, running a marathon is a breeze compared to fundraising.  Having Ezra help out has made the experience far more enjoyable.  And even though he says he hasn’t been able to participate as he initially intended, his input has been invaluable.  In addition to posting on his blog and social media sites, Ezra has contributed his time as an editor, a graphic designer, a tech & social media guru and all-around cheerleader for my efforts.  He is also the voice of reason when I get frustrated.  I wouldn’t be anywhere near my current fundraising amount of $6600+ without all of his help and encouragement.

Ezra is forever apologizing to me about not responding quicker or not posting and my response is that he never needs to say he’s sorry.  All he needed to do was sit back and enjoy the ride.  But he’s done much more.  Much, much more.  And with what he’s going through, that means the world to me.  In the past 24 hours, my Inbox has filled up with these notifications ($1900+):


Big love everybody.  Big love.



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