Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow.

The 118th running of the Boston Marathon is only a day away!  The energy around Boston is just everywhere and Mother Nature couldn’t have blessed us with better weather.  The entire weekend has been fantastic. Every year I run the Boston Marathon, I attend the Expo on Saturday.  My wife Carol & I arrived in Boston just as the 5K was finishing.  We started off at the Expo and I have my bib number in my grubby little paws!  We wandered around the convention center a bit and then meandered down to the finish line.  Popped into the Old South Church to thank them again for the scarf they gave me during the Sport Illustrated photo shoot last week.  They received over 7000 scarves and I feel blessed to have received one.

Today is the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge Pasta Party.  It’s always a blast and a great way to connect with runners you don’t normally see during training.  We eat at 3:00PM and it’s more like an early-early bird special!  Considering I’ll be hitting the sack at like 8:00PM tonight, I suppose that’s probably an okay for supper.  Considering I need to get to the DFMC buses by 5:15AM and want to walk over with the team from the Marriott Copley Place, I need to be there at 4:30AM.  I don’t want to drive into Boston so I have a car service coming to pick me at at 4:00AM as there’s no public transportation at the time of the morning.  Which is why I’m going to bed so early.

Okay, a week in review:

On Wednesday, I got a final sports massage from my buddy Ruben at Big Hands Massage Therapy.  I’m ready to roll!

On Thursday, I joined my regular DFMC running partners for a final run at Arc.  Usually there are quite a few runners at Arc but it was just is and a couple other folks that night.  Jack Fultz, our coach, popped in for a beer and conversation later in the evening.  We did an easy out and back.  4 miles.

Here’s the route (go here for the Garmin):

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 7.13.45 AMWhen we arrived back at Arc, my friend Liz from Alazka had arrived from a rather long flight from Anchorage.  Initially she wanted to hook up with us for the run but it just wasn’t in the cards.  I offered to go out for another easy 4 miles, but Liz was pretty beat.  I hooked up with her where she was staying in Cambridge on Friday and we did a nice run along the river (go here for the Garmin):

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 7.31.16 AM

My wife and I met Liz at mile 25.8 last year at the 2013 Boston Marathon.  We were on the Green Line (MBTA) heading back to Cambridge when our train was taken out of service.  Well, all of the trains were taken out of service due to the result of the horrific events that unfolded at last year’s race (although we didn’t know that when we exited Kenmore Station).  We decided to walk to the Red Line at Park Street station and started walking down Commonwealth Avenue.  All seemed okay until we saw the runners just stop just before the Massachusetts Avenue bridge.  We walked over and it was then that we got the news there was a bombing.  Lots of runners needed assistance and we stuck around and helped out a couple.  One of those runners was Liz.  She approached us asking if she could borrow a coat because she was cold so we obliged.  My wife snapped this photo on their way to the buses:


We ended up spending the entire afternoon with Liz as she invited us back to her room at the Omni Parker House.  We shared a bottle of wine at the hotel restaurant and got to know each other.  I’m glad Liz decided to run again.  Initially she was leaning against it.  She’ll be in the same wave that I’m in, just a couple of corrals ahead, so possibly we’ll be able to run together!

On the fundraising front, it has been one amazing week and Ezra is largely responsible for that due to his recent blog posting.  I am absolutely overwhelmed at the outpouring of generosity.  As of this writing, the donations are at $7505.  I have never raised this amount of money in my 5 previous Boston Marathons.

Speaking of the devil, I posted this photo on Facebook as a part of my daily portraits of Ezra.  I usually take a photo from his self portraits but I selected one I took at his 40th birthday party in December.


I took this with a 35mm Nikon FG w/a 50mm 1.8 lens. I hadn’t used film in years and it was fun to shoot a roll. Also used a trusty old Sunpak auto30DX thyristor flash with a LumiQuest mini softbox filter. I really need more practice!

If you’d like to donate, select the wicked laaaahge DONATE! link at the top of the page to navigate to my DFMC 2014 Fundraising Page.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I think I just got you to the 8k mark – congratulations! I hope you’re in the middle of a fabulous run right now!

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