Just for the taste of it.

Alright, I admit it, I have a vice:


I got hooked on Diet Coke back during the 2000 Boston Marathon.  It’s a great dietary supplement before a long run.  Keeps me going.  And going.  And going.  Oh, and I don’t like it from the can or from a bottle.  I prefer the fountain drink version.  Something about the bubbles I just like better.  Generally after my training ended I’d just stop cold turkey.  But after the 2009 Boston Marathon I became far too addicted to kick the habit.  I’m weaning myself off the artificially flavored, caramel colored soft drink at the moment.  I searched for a replacement and found these:


Mmmm.  They’re yummy.  Really yummy.  Lot’s of positive points too.  95% organic.  Vegetarian (of which I am).  Gluten-free (of which I’m not).  Naturally caffeinated from white tea.  I did a test run yesterday with the Cherry Cola flavor and all went well.  No gastrointestinal issues.  Definitely felt the caffeine kick.  I’ll also use them tomorrow at the Arc run where I’ll probably do 5.5 miles, though I might do 8.5 miles if I’m feeling groovy.  This will be a good test to see how well they’ll work on the 20 – 22 mile run this Saturday.  This is the longest run of the training season, folks.  It’s taper time after that.  Yahoo!

In preparation for that 20 – 22 mile run this coming Saturday, I visited my buddy Ruben (Big Hands Massage Therapy) last night.  Bagged the speed workout and glad I did.  He focused on my pesky left leg (hip, knee & foot) and I’m feeling mighty fine today.  Mighty fine indeed.  I also picked up a compression knee sleeve for my left knee.  My good knee mind you.  I’ve had two surgeries on the right knee (torn lateral meniscus) and that’s a-okay.  After my lack of stretching last week it still feels slightly funky and I’m hoping this will remedy that.

I am my own worst enemy when it comes to running shoes.  It’s been a particularly tough year to get something that fits just right.  I have a narrow foot and it’s slim pickings I tell you when it comes to running shoes.  I’m lucky that my Adidas Energy Boost shoes fit quite well and have a ton of heel cushioning, which I really want in a shoe.  Even though they’re a normal width shoe, they do fit more like a narrow width (I’m a B width for the record; a narrow B at that).  These are my dedicated race day shoes. I posted them before on this blog but here they are with a little customization:


With less than 4 weeks, I want to get another pair of running shoes for training so I don’t put too many miles on the race day shoes.  Even though I like to support my local businesses, I really need Zappos to deal with my neuroses for this.  So far I’ve ordered two pairs of running shoes and after much deliberation (and angst), sent them both back.  I ordered another pair yesterday and according to UPS, they’ll be here tomorrow afternoon.

Here in the metro Boston area, marathon excitement is in the air.  Yesterday a fresh finish line was painted on Boylston Street:

Can’t wait to cross it on April 21st!  My e-mail Inbox is also filling up with recent updates from the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) and the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge.  Lots to report and I’ll do that in my next posting.

WBUR, my local NPR station, currently has a Why I Run (#whyirun) page up on their website.  I took a picture of the thumbnails on Ezra’s photo site and posted it up on Instagram with the #whyirun hashtag along with a description of why I’m running the 2014 Boston Marathon (basically just copied my donation page text).  Anyway, it’s up and WBUR selected it for the Featured section (and they also liked it too!).  To view this (and many more from other runners), go here.  Here it is on my Instagram:

IMG_6325Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 3.19.27 PM.png

Finally, local Boston songwriter Michelle Lewis has dedicated her latest single “Run Run Run” to all of the runners of the 2014 Boston Marathon, and has accompanied the song with a video fueled by the runners themselves.  From now until the day of the Marathon, April 21, she will donate all proceeds from the sale of the single to The One Fund.  Very generous indeed.  Oh, and at 49 – 53 seconds, you can see my neighborhood (a few blocks from my house).  Anyway, check out the video.  It’s quite nice.  For the Boston.com article, go here.


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