I’m slightly neurotic about getting injured during my marathon training.  So much so that I’m only running these days.  I’m not doing any winter sports at the moment.  None.  Considering Mother Nature recently blessed the Boston area with some pretty sweet snow accumulation, I’m somewhat sad to miss out on enjoying this lovely winter landscape.  I’d love to be out there skate skiing or back-country skiing or snowboarding or snowshoeing.  I’m far too afraid I’ll twist and ankle or break some important bone while enjoying any one of these activities.  Again, neurotic.  Quite frankly, if I could, I’d pretty much go outside dressed up like this:


Well, the Michelin Man suit wouldn’t have helped me this past week.  During the weekly DFMC speed workout at the Tufts University indoor track, something went terribly wrong with my left leg.  After the first few repeats, I started to experience some pain in my quadriceps.  At the end of the third 600m heat I threw in the towel.  I walked around the track a few times hoping it would just go away.  Unfortunately it didn’t.  To quote Herman Munster, “Darn, darn, darn, darn, darn, darn!”

Hit me Herman:

On Thursday afternoon, it didn’t seem to be getting any better and upon Carol’s recommendation, I called my primary care physician.  I was told to head over to the Walk-in Clinic at Mount Auburn Hospital so we made a bee line there once I hung up.  I was freaking out a bit that it was a stress fracture because I’ve had a couple that were the result from marathon training.  One in my pelvis and one in my femur.

I went through the hospital registration pretty quickly and our wait at the walk-in clinic was pretty short.  I don’t mind the wait so much as it gives me a chance to catch up with all of the celebrity news with all those gossip magazines lying around.  Poor Tori Spelling.  Poor, poor Tori.

After a blood pressure check and a few quick X-rays the doctor was ready to see me.  The first thing she said to me when she walked into the room was “Good news!”  That caught my attention and made me smile.  The good news is the injury is not a stress fracture.  Or at least there really is no sign of one.  X-rays usually do not show any evidence of stress fractures, but everything on the X-ray, most notably the femur, looked great.  The doctor stated that possibly muscle fibers are torn causing bleeding in the muscle tissues, which was evident on the X-ray (a blood buildup near the knee).  She did a physical examination of my legs and all looked good there too.  Oh, I really need to remind myself to wear underwear when seeing a doctor.  Note to self (I was wearing long underwear, silly, but had to take it off).  Anyway, I got some crutches and was instructed to relax for 7 – 10 days.  Ugh.

My orthopedic surgeon was conveniently located in the same building so we stopped by his office on the way out.  He’s performed three surgeries on me, two elbow and one knee, so I figured I was on some sort of frequent patient program that might have some privileges like getting in an appointment right then and there.  No such luck.  I see him next Tuesday afternoon.  Hoping I feel better by then so I can cancel the appointment.  If not, I imagine an MRI might be in the cards.  I’ll remember to wear underwear, too.

I got my confirmation of acceptance recently.  It’s officially official.  Oh, and if you’d like to donate, select the rather large DONATE! link at the top of the page to navigate to my DFMC 2014 Fundraising Page.



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